New Furniture Gallery at the V&A

Here’s my five-star review of the new Dr Susan Weber Gallery at the V&A. It’s an innovative and informative exploration of European furniture, with an emphasis on production and manufacturing techniques. As well as including examples of the highest quality, the new gallery makes great use of new technology, using multimedia touch screen consoles to bring the pieces to life.


Review of ‘Ritual and Revelry: The Art of Drinking’ at the British Museum

Review of ‘Ritual and Revelry: The Art of Drinking’ at the British Museum

Follow the link for my review of the free exhibition ‘Ritual and Revelry,’ currently on view at the British Museum. The exhibition examines the roles of different liquids in the social and spiritual life of Asia, and includes some beautiful pieces not normally on display. The highlight is the section exploring alcohol and bhang, a drink made from marijuana, which includes unusual drinking paraphernalia, and some entertaining images of revellers who have gone too far.